Hillary is an illustrator who focuses on effective visual storytelling and being a pleasant person to work with.

Hillary was raised in North Carolina and spent her childhood gradually developing an art hobby in her spare time, though she always saw herself pursuing a career in science and medicine. After receiving a Bachelor’s degree in Biology from High Point University in North Carolina, she diverted from her original goal of a purely medical career and continued her studies at the Johns Hopkins University Medical and Biological Illustration masters program. The career of medical illustration seemed like the perfect fit for her since it supports the two people she considers herself to be: A scientist and an artist.


High Point University: Bachelor of Science in Biology

Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine: Master of Arts in Medical Illustration

Awards and Honors

William P. Didusch Scholarship: Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Award of Merit: 2017 Association of Medical Illustrators (AMI) Conference Salon


Tess Hegedus, Verónica A. Segarra, Tawannah G. Allen, Hillary Wilson, Casey Garr, and Christina Budzinski (2016). The Art Science Connection. National Science Teachers’ Association

Studio Photo