I am experienced in visual storytelling and producing clear, scientifically accurate artwork on topics such as patient education, surgical illustration, and biological illustration. I am trained in both digital and traditional artistic techniques as well as anatomy, physiology, biology and other scientific disciplines.

I am also committed to improving representation in the field of medicine for underserved communities. From creating patient resources about Gender Affirming surgery, to illustrations depicting skin ailments on shades of brown skin, I am passionate about telling the stories that have
historically been overlooked. 


Biomedical Visualization

I use a combination of traditional and digital techniques, problem solving, and an eye for color and light on form to help tell stories and solve visual problems. I am experienced in Adobe Creative Suite programs, such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and Indesign, and also 3d programs such as 3D Studio Max, Cinema 4D, and ZBrush. I am able to combine my knowledge of medical and scientific subject matter with my artistic training to create accurate, lush visuals.


Many of my existing images may already fit your needs as a client, and I may be able to offer licensing for their usage. My existing body of work has been licensed for textbooks, presentations, websites, and other publications. Please contact me if you have questions about licensing.


It is common for a client to clearly understand what story needs telling or what problem needs solving, but it may be difficult to know exactly what that would entail. I can work with you to determine your needs for your project and what type of visuals will best achieve your goals. From the initial sketches, to the fully developed work, I help clients define the target audience, provide solutions to visual problems, and offer artistic insight to help create an effective, engaging final product.